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Podcast: John Gustafson on What's Next for Parallel Computing


The End of Error

Chapman & Hall/CRC Computational Science, ISBN-13: 978-1482239867

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Written by one of the foremost experts in high-performance computing and the inventor of Gustafson's Law, The End of Error: Unum Computing explains a new approach to computer arithmetic: the universal number (unum). The unum encompasses all IEEE floating-point formats as well as fixed-point and exact integer arithmetic. This new number type obtains more accurate answers than floating-point arithmetic yet uses fewer bits in many cases, saving memory, bandwidth, energy, and power.

The Unum debate with William Kahan

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TMO Background Mode Interview with Professor of Computer Science Dr. John Gustafson

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Publications about Unums

Beating Floating Point at its Own Game: Posit Arithmetic

"Unums 2.0: An interview with John L. Gustafson", 2016

"The End of (Numeric) Error: An Interview with John L. Gustafson", 2016

A Radical Approach to Computation with Real Numbers, Supercomputing Frontiers and Innovations, vol 3, number 2, 2016.

InsideHPC: John Gustafson Explains Energy Efficient Unum Computing

A Radical Approach to Computation with Real Numbers


A Radical Approach to Computation with Real Numbers
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An Energy-Efficient And Massively Parallel Approach To Valid Numerics
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PDF version

Unleashed Computing: The need to right-size precision to save energy, bandwidth, storage, and electrical power
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