Picture Gallery

Singapore, 2016

At Gardens by the Bay carnivorous plant display.

Sofia, Bulgaria, 2006

Mike Williams, 2007 President of IEEE awarding Dr. Gustafson the International Atanasoff Award with President Parvanov in the backround.

ISU, 2003

At the Atanasoff Centenary celebration at Iowa State University.

ISU, 2003

Three generations of computing...
Gordon Bell right; John Gustafson left; Atanasoff-Berry Computer bottom.

ISU, 1998

With the working replica of the Atanasoff-Berry computer.

SCL, 1997

At an awards ceremony.

SCL, 1994

At the Scalable Computing Laboratory, which he founded, on the campus of Iowa State University.

ISU, 1989

At Iowa State University in 1989.

Caltech, 1977

John graduated from Caltech in 1977. While there he indulged his passion for computational physics and applied mathematics, as well as directing student productions of Broadway musicals and building harpsichords.